Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

About Me


I have been a great ambassador for the past 35 years as a fitness and nutrition specialist who has helped thousands of people achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle by practicing, advocating, and preaching the benefits of proper exercise and nutrition.

I am known as the fitness guru for all aspects of fitness and nutrition levels for men, women and youth, from a variety of different walks of life. This has awarded me as one of the top fitness trainers and nutrition specialists in America today.

I am a National spokesperson for the National Fitness Hall Of Fame. I am a former national bodybuilding champion for 15 years.

Certifications, Licenses and Awards:

National Fitness Hall of Fame

Certified Fitness Expert (1985-2019)

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

Degrees in exercise physiology, kinesiology, anatomy and nutrition

American Fitness Institute ( Personal Trainer)

Life Coach

CPR/ AED Certified

Gregory Todd