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Gregory Todd

I have been a great ambassador for the past 35 years as a fitness and nutrition specialist who has helped thousands of people achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle by practicing, advocating, and preaching the benefits of proper exercise and nutrition.

I am known as the fitness guru for all levels of fitness and nutrition. I specialize in many different aspects of health and fitness ranging from men's and women's bodybuilding contest preparation, training of male and female models, preparation of men and women who are entering law enforcement or any branch of our military,  athletes from different sports and men, women and youth from all walks of life. This has awarded me as one of the top fitness trainers and nutrition specialists in America today.

I am a current National spokesperson for the National Fitness Hall Of Fame. I am a former national bodybuilding champion for 15 years.

Certifications, Licenses and Awards:

National Fitness Hall of Fame

Certified Fitness Expert (1985-2019)

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

Degrees in exercise physiology, kinesiology, anatomy and nutrition

American Fitness Institute ( Personal Trainer)

Life Coach

CPR/ AED Certified

Gregory Todd