Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

Online Coaching

What is it?

Online coaching includes face to face chat, educational webinars, email & phone consultations.This is a great opportunity for you to set yourself goals and strive towards achieving those goals under the guidance of my very own professional principles and methods.

Weekly Check In's allow me to access your progress over the 12 weeks - 12 months and I will answer all your questions and concerns during your journey to achieve maximum results and desired goals.You will have personal contact with me through phone, email, face to face chat or in person if i am training you one on one.

How it Works?

When you become my client then your personalized training and nutrition program that is designed for you will be generated after I do your initial one on one consultation, which will consist of a series of questions that will assist me in developing the best personalized training and nutrition program to help you reach your desired goals.

The Online GetFit-24-7 Program includes:

A monthly one-hour phone consultation 

12 week personalized training and nutrition program 

Complete demonstration for all exercises in your program

E-mail communication

Nutritional guidance and advice

GetFit-24-7 Online Personal Training system gives you a custom workout and nutrition program. Start your online body transformation program from GetFit-24-7 fitness online personal training programs today!


 What is it?

 This is a great opportunity to strive towards achieving these goals,   under the guidance of myself the professionals and weekly check ins   that allow me to access your progress, during the 12 weeks and I will   alter anything during your journey to achieve the maximum results, where you can ask me questions about your progress or to simply   check in for motivational purposes.

How it works?

 When you become my client, I develop a personalized training   program, that is designed for you after our first initial consultation,   which will consist of a series of questions, that will assist in   developing  the best personalized program, to help you reach your   desired goal and healthy lifestyle.