Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

About Me


Every Personalized Training program will include detailed information that includes the intended exercises, the number of repetitions, rest periods, and detailed explanations on how to perform each exercise properly.

Once your fitness history has been examined then I create a personalized program to help you to make improvements you never thought were possible.

I look at a person’s entire lifestyle and deliver a program that truly speaks to the individual. My training principles have been developed over time and from implementing my expertise for thousands of clients that I have helped over the past 35 years.

GetFit-24-7 is not just about changing your exercise routine and your nutritional needs it's about working together to re-wire bad habits and establishing a new ‘normal’.

While there are definite sacrifices my thoughtfully designed programs which range from ‘The Intensive’, ‘Maintenance’, 'Weight Gain', 'Muscle Building', and ‘Optimum Weight Loss’ will help you achieve the body for life that you desire.

Gregory Todd